Take a credit with 1300 net.

A loan of 1300 net is possible in principle if “net” is the pure labor income. Nevertheless, there are no big leaps from this income. We want you to get the credit that you have in mind and that you can actually afford. Our credit advisor uses formulas and information to explain what is possible, […]

Take a credit for two people.

Credit for two people can fulfill common desires, create a future perspective, but also become a burden. We want you to fulfill your dreams with the concentrated power of double creditworthiness. Nevertheless, we will not withhold the disadvantages of borrowing from two people and will refer you to alternatives. Credit for two people – the […]

Tax reduction makes it easier to group credits.

As Frans Hollay promised during his campaign, the withholding tax will come into force in France in 2018. If the other European countries such as Denmark, Germany or the Netherlands now resort to this reform, France remains the last country not to have adopted it. In late July 2016, the Secretary of State for the […]

Smart taking out a mortgage

Do you want to buy a house? You probably don’t have enough financial resources to pay the purchase price in cash. You will have to take out a mortgage. Do you know enough about the different mortgages? How do you choose the right mortgage provider? Some tips are probably welcome. The tips mainly consist of […]

How To Get A Loan With The Ellena Family Website

Did you know that in Ellena family we have a website dedicated exclusively to loans? This is our personal loans simulator, a tool that we make available to our clients and not yet clients, so that anyone can get the best possible financing .   Get your personal loan through the Ellena family website Why […]

Now the bank can test trial too

  According to a study commissioned by Good Finance Bank, Finns are dissatisfied with their banks. A study published in February shows that as many as 79 percent of Finns feel that banks are pursuing their own interests, and 86 percent think that banks mainly finance their services. Otherwise, the results of the investigation were […]

Credit redemption: 8 tips to apply after a restructuring

Explanations about credit redemption in all its aspects! However, it would be beneficial to have a synthesis of actions and concrete advice for balanced budget management. http://www.jacahuesca.com/online-small-business-loans-a-business-loan-is-available-immediately/ for further explanation Check out the 8 tips to apply after a loan restructuring operation! Organize budget management and honor all account withdrawals This is to avoid the rejection […]

Mortgage Interest Forecast September

How does the mortgage interest rate develop in September? We have listed the most important market developments for our interest rate expectations, including the stock market crash and inflation.   Stock market crash China At the end of August, the most important Chinese stock market index fell by 8.5% in one day. It was the […]

Quick Credits Unseat Traditional Credits

We have been saying this for some time now, and the alternatives to obtain financing have changed in recent years. After the strong global crisis, it was when the rapid credits reached their peak and popularity because it is a faster and more convenient option to get the money needed to cover monthly expenses. It […]